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USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Works

To Protect Waterways Access

USA Water Ski & Wake Sports wants to help you if you are facing challenges in accessing waterways. As the national governing body of water skiing and wakeboarding in the United States, USA Water Ski & Wake Sports feels protecting its members and the public’s access to waterways for the purpose of recreation and competition is extremely important. For more than 25 years, USA Water Ski & Wake Sports has had a dedicated program developed to assist in defending access to waterways. This program and its materials are available to help you with any problems you may experience.

USA Water Ski & Wake Sports also would like to know of any past or current challenges water sports enthusiasts are facing so it can assist and improve its waterways protection program. If you are aware of action being taken against waterways access, please call USA Water Ski & Wake Sports at (863) 324-4341 or send a fax to USA Water Ski & Wake Sports, Attention: Waterways, at (863) 325-8259.

Waterways Education – What Can We Do For You?
by Leon Larson
Waterways Education Committee Chairman

The Waterways Manual (PDF), a guide to public involvement in legislative and public agency regulatory actions concerning boating, water skiing, water sports safety and environmental issues, is now available from USA Water Ski in electronic (PDF) or hard copy form. To order a copy, please call USA Water Ski & Wake Sports at (863) 324-4341. To view the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation's Environmental Handbook for Towed Water Sports, click here.

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