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Instructional Articles

Tips From The Pros

A variety of archived instructional articles from The Water Skier magazine are available below (PDF). Articles will be posted on a continuous basis, so be sure to check back often. Please note, some of the files are large and may take a moment to open. Safety Notice: The athletic activities presented in the articles are being performed by trained athletes under controlled conditions, including immediately available safety equipment and personnel. These activities could result in serious bodily injury, including disability or death, and should not be attempted by anyone without proper supervision, training and safety equipment. USA Water Ski and its officers, employees and volunteers are not responsible for any injuries sustained by readers or the failure of equipment shown in these articles. USA Water Ski strongly recommends that all persons comply with all applicable safety requirements, including the use of Personal Flotation Devices.


It's All In Your Approach -- By Seth Stisher

Getting Back On The Water -- By Brian Detrick

Coaching Your Kids -- By Seth Stisher

Prepare For Your Best Season Ever -- By Brian Detrick

Making The Move And Moving To Turn -- By Seth Stisher

Tournament Preparation -- By Brian Detrick

Starting Strong -- By Brooks Wilson

Power Through The Transition -- By Seth Stisher

Communication: Talk With Your Boat Crew -- By Brian Detrick

Patient Turns and Aggressive Pulls -- By Brooks Wilson

The Humble Spring Start Your Year Off Right -- By Seth Stisher

The Importance Of Coaching -- By Brooks Wilson

Skiing With Power -- By Brooks Wilson

Keeping It Simple -- By Brooks Wilson

Maintaining Better Balance & Control -- By Wade Cox

Light On The Line -- By Brooks Wilson

Balance And Speed -- By Brooks Wilson

In-Season Workouts -- By K.C. Wilson

Keys To Better Performance -- By Brooks Wilson

Slump Busters -- By Brooks Wilson

A New Approach -- By Brooks Wilson

Breaking It Down -- By Brooks Wilson

Training With A Purpose -- By Brooks Wilson

Making Moves -- By Brooks Wilson

New Beginnings -- By Brooks Wilson

Fluidity In Movement -- By Brooks Wilson

Connection -- By Chris Rossi

Professional Practice -- By Chris Rossi

Things I Learned In Miami -- By Chris Rossi

Slalom With A Strong Mind -- By Chris Rossi

The Dreaded Tail Turn -- By Chris Rossi

Overcoming Slumps -- By Chris Rossi

Keys To Keeping A Tight Rope -- By Chris Rossi

Slalom Vision -- By Chris Rossi

Cold Water Recommendations -- By Chris Rossi

The Power Triangle -- By Chris Rossi

Why Do I Feel So Fast Into The Buoys -- By Chris Rossi

Keys To A Great Off-Side Turn -- By Chris Rossi

Achieving Your Fitness Goals -- By Chris Rossi

The Balanced Approach -- By Chris Rossi

The Transition Zone -- By Chris Rossi

Skiing The Impossible Line -- By Chris Rossi

The Keys To Slalom Gates -- By Chris Rossi

Helpful Tips On Fin Measuring -- By Chris Rossi

Proper Edge Change -- By Terry Winter


Learning on Two Skis -- By Mandy Nightingale

The Principles of Flipping -- By Russell Gay

The Toehold 360 Wrap In -- By Russell Gay

Toe Back-to-Backs -- By Russell Gay

Toe Wake Back-to-Backs -- By Russell Gay


Pre-Season Training -- By Freddy Krueger

Balancing Your Off-Season -- By Freddy Krueger

To Fly Or Not To Fly...The Wakes -- By Freddy Krueger

Taking The Handle With You -- By Freddy Krueger

Jumping In Windy Conditions -- By Freddy Krueger

Off-Season Fitness Tips -- By Freddy Krueger

Jumping Out Of A Slump -- By Freddy Krueger

Proper Right Ski Pressure -- By Freddy Krueger

Jumping With Zero Off -- By Freddy Krueger

Upper Body Load Vs. Lower Body Load -- By Freddy Krueger

Does An S-Turn Still Make Sense? -- By Freddy Krueger

Waxing A Jump Ramp -- By Scot Ellis

Making The Correct Turn -- By Freddy Krueger

Perfecting The Fundamentals -- By Freddy Krueger

Engaging The Front Of Your Skis -- By Freddy Krueger


Deep-Water Start It's All In The Set-up -- By Keith St. Onge

How To Perform A Back-To-Front -- By Johnathan Martines

The Front Flyer -- By Ben Groen

The Side Slide -- By David Small

Mastering The Surface Hop -- By Ben Groen

Learning The Tumble-Up Start -- By Keith St. Onge

Mastering the Front Toehold -- By Ashleigh Stebbeings

Learning The Backward One Foot -- By Keith St. Onge

Line Step Position -- By David Small

Learning To Jump -- By Keith St. Onge

Side Slide -- By Keith St. Onge

Hand Skiing -- By Keith St. Onge

Surface Turns - Back-To-Front -- By Keith St. Onge

Barefoot Off A Wakeboard -- By Keith St. Onge

Backward One Foots -- By Keith St. Onge

Back One Foot On Rope -- By Keith St. Onge

Boom Starts Front Deep -- By Keith St. Onge

Learning The One Foot Stand-Up -- By Keith St. Onge

Barefooting On Rough or Flat Water -- By Keith St. Onge

Mastering The Toe-Up -- By Keith St. Onge

Learning the Tumble-Turn Position -- By Keith St. Onge

The Secret To The Cheek Out -- By Keith St. Onge

The Backward Line-Step One Foot -- By Keith St. Onge

Coaching Beginners -- By Gary "Swampy" Bouchard

Tumble Up Start -- By Keith St. Onge

Front Deepwater Start -- By Keith St. Onge

Back Deepwater Start -- By Keith St. Onge


Designing A Contest Ride -- By Raimi Merritt

Take Your Riding To The Next Level -- By Raimi Merritt

Plan To Have Fun -- By Raimi Merritt

Squeeze Play -- By Raimi Merritt

Chasing Air -- By Raimi Merritt

Change It Up -- By Raimi Merritt

The Winning Attitude -- By Raimi Merritt

Loading The Line -- By Raimi Merritt

The Balance Factor -- By Raimi Merritt

Four Keys To Better Riding In Contests -- By Raimi Merritt

How to Ride Well In Competitions -- By Adam Fields

Building Your Run -- By Adam Fields

Eyes Wide Open -- By Raimi Merritt

How To Get Upside Down -- By Raimi Merritt

Go For Big Air -- By Raimi Merritt

Keys To Being A Great Spinner -- By Raimi Merritt

Add Variety to Your Wakeboarding -- By Raimi Merritt

Landing A Backside 360 -- By Freddie Wayne

Improving Your Toeside -- By Raimi Merritt

Be The Champion Of Your Lake -- By Raimi Merritt

Indy Tantrum -- By Daniel Powers

Heelside Backside 180 -- By Daniel Powers

Mastering Wakeboard Driving -- By Gordy Bubolz

Riding The Rails -- By Daniel Powers

Breaking Through A Plateau -- By Gordy Bubolz

Adding The Tantrum To Your Repertoire -- By Gordy Bubolz

Maintaining Longevity -- By Gordy Bubolz


Hydrofoiling's 360 Hand-To-Hand Spin -- By Geno Yauchler


Kneeboarding - Fun For Everyone -- By Mark Ritchhart

Show Skiing

The Pyramid -- By Lynn Novakofski

The Side Step Up -- By Lynn Novakofski

From Sit to Drape To Handstand -- By Lynn Novakofski

Land Practice For Strap Doubles -- By Lynn Novakofski

Understanding The Difficulty Charts -- By Chris Coupland & Matt Heilman

Preparing Your Team For Tournament Mode -- By Chris Coupland & Matt Heilman

Off-Season Tips For Your Team -- By Matt Heilman

Swivel Skiing: The 180 Split Catch -- By Angela Yauchler

Executing A Gainer -- By Peter Kuhlmann


In-Season Workouts -- By K.C. Wilson