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Having FUN Today...Building CHAMPIONS For Tomorrow

Welcome To USA Water Ski

& Wake Sports

A Guide For Newcomers

So, you want to ski? You enjoy being out on the water. The speed! The sun! The exhilaration! The fresh air! USA Water Ski & Wake Sports has it all and will make your dreams come true. We want you and your family to enjoy all that is possible on the water. We can help bring you the thrills and spills of water skiing and wakeboarding.  What are you waiting for? If you have the itch, USA Water Ski & Wake Sports is the place for you. 

Do you want to have fun? Do you have the passion? We can help you. You do not have to be a pro. You do have to want to ski or ride, to feel the wind in your hair. USA Water Ski & Wake Sports' job is to grow, promote and develop the sport in all its many forms. Ski on your bare feet? Impossible? No, we can teach you. Ski on your knees? Ditto. Like speed? Do we ever have that! Whatever you want to do on the water, we can show you where and how. Do it with friends. Or do it as a family. Do it at all ages. That is our sport. Let it be yours.

And, when the day comes and you want to strut your stuff in competition, we can show you the ropes. We have ski and wakeboard clubs all over the country. There are tournaments in nearly every state. Expert coaches and ski and wakeboard schools await.

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What Is USA Water Ski & Wake Sports?

Like USA Swimming is for swimming, USA Water Ski & Wake Sports is THE organization for water skiing and wakeboarding in the United States. The United States Olympic Committee recognizes us in that role. We actually consist of nine groups representing all types of activity on water: slalom, tricks and jumping whether on skis, kneeboards (well, no jump) or bare feet; team skiing for your college, show skiing in front of crowds big and small; ski racing (talk about speed!); hydrofoiling; wakeboarding, snowboarding’s exciting equivalent; and skiing for the disabled, even jumping. Yes, we have it all.

To learn more, click here.

Join USA Water Ski & Wake Sports

Why not join our organization? Become a member and get six issues of our action-packed magazine. Compete in our sanctioned events no matter your level. We have tournaments for all ages, all abilities. We want you to have fun, and, if you can learn at the same time, great!

If you want to know what you get by joining, click here (PDF).  Want to join online? That works as well. Click here. Prefer to join on paper, the old fashioned way, you can do that, too, by clicking here (PDF). Confused? Have questions? Call USA Water Ski & Wake Sports at (863) 324-4341 and ask for the Membership Department. We want to help.

Getting Started - GrassRoots Program

This is one of our most exciting nationwide programs. It’s a great place for you to experience what skiing or riding against others feels like. Don’t worry about what others think. Forget the pressure of serious competition. Make it an opportunity to have fun and learn. Imagine that! This can then be the first step to entering the competitive side of our sport, if that is what you want. You get time on the water. And personal instruction. There are free T-shirts, trophies, music, games, prizes and more. You show up and get to have fun. How can you beat that? Want to learn more about this opportunity? Then click here.

Basic Skills Challenge Series

The USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Basic Skills Challenge Series is designed for beginners and novices of all ages and for instructors coaching these levels. This series provides you with all of the tools to teach and learn the basic skills needed to have fun on the water. As the national governing body of organized water skiing in the United States, USA Water Ski & Wake Sports is your resource for all towed water sports.

Basic Skills materials are available for learning slalom water skiing, tricks water skiing, wakeboarding, barefooting, kneeboarding, hydrofoiling and even show skiing. They are designed for beginners and novices of all ages and for instructors coaching these levels. They will take you from the shore to on top of the water.

Start enjoying all that is possible on the water! Download a free Basic Skills Challenge Series Brochure by clicking here (all files are PDF; may take a few minutes to download) and start learning all forms of water skiing today!

Where To Water Ski & Wakeboard

If you already know that you want to get better, find a club in your area by clicking here. There are more than 600 affiliated USA Water Ski & Wake Sports clubs across the United States. Interested in a ski school or camp? Call USA Water Ski & Wake Sports at (863) 324-4341. Want to compete in a tournament, or just check one out to see how much you can really have? Simply click on the "Events & Registration" link on the left-hand menu on this page.

Waterways Advocacy

You and your family or friends may be having trouble enjoying your favorite pastime. Before you knew it, there were new regulations or speed limits where you went to have fun. We can help you find out what you need to do. Sometimes, you just need the right information.  Well, we have it. Just click here.


Have questions? We have answers. Our offices are located in central Florida and include a staff of nine. We can help you find whatever you need. Call us at (863) 324-4341 or e-mail us at usawaterski@usawaterski.org.